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Mental Health

Mental Health - Keynotes, workshops and coaching

Mental health and well-being as a prerequisite for high-performing teams

(Mental) health is the key to an engaged working environment and a high-performing team. A clear mind does not only promote creativity and innovation, but also strengthens empathy, social skills, focus and resilience in stressful and challenging times.

In a time of rising mental illnesses and burnout rates, I empower companies and (founding) teams to create a healthy workplace. This means to balance team well-being and mental health with strategic business goals in oder to sustain long-term performance in a demanding work environment. 

High-performing teams need healthy work structures that are designed according to the individual needs of the team members. These include not only mindfulness, stress management and burnout prevention, but also working with purpose and values, a healthy work-life-design and psychological safety.

Purpose and values

Purpose provides an organization or team with meaning and expresses its desired impact. However, purpose needs to be anchored in the day-to-day business and aligned with a vision in order to translating it into strategic action. I support you in defining your healthy values, living them on a daily basis and aligning them with your strategic long-term business goals.

Psychological safety and trust

Psychological safety is a determining factor for an authentic workplace, in which team members can utilize their full potential. A trusting relationship in the team and among the team members enables a positive error culture, innovation, creativity and sharing of challenges and mental load. Psychological safety also embraces diversity and builds the basis for a high-performing team. I support you in evaluating your current team’s performance and to build trust instead of artificial harmony.

Stress management, burnout prevention, and mindful (self-) leadership

In an uncertain and demanding working environment, stress and mental strain increase. This applies to startups as well as established companies. I help you understand the body’s stress response, your individual stressors, stress symptoms, coping mechanisms, and the first indicators and symptoms of burnout. You will also learn tips and hacks for quick, yet effective mindfulness practices in your everyday work. Further you will develop your personal mindfulness strategy for dealing with stress in a healthy way.

Individual and team resilience
Individual and team resilience is crucial to constructively and successfully deal with uncertainty, change, and transformation. Mindfulness can support to soften and cope with mental load, pressure, and stress more healthily. Further, it enhances the development of crucial future skills – flow, getting out of the autopilot, and creativity – to cope with rapid and dramatic changes in the (business) environment.  I also support you to identify and strengthen social and structural resources in your team as well as on an individual level.
Work-life-design for startup founders

Founding a startup requires not only a good idea, product-market fit and traction, but also perseverance and strong (mental) health. Nevertheless, the focus of many founders is mainly on advancing their own startup, while neglecting other areas of life. I help you to look at life more holistically and to develop a balance between your startup and the following areas of life: health, relationships and joy. The aim is to ensure your healthy performance for yourself and your business in the long run.

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