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Design thinking, mindfulness, and mental health

Keynotes, workshops and trainings on design thinking, mindfulness and mental health

Human centricity is the key to productivity, well-being and employee satisfaction

Why do we focus on the needs of our customers when it comes to innovation, but not on our own needs and those of our team members in the workplace?

People want to be seen and valued. They long for connection, impact and autonomy. If these aspects are fulfilled, they are more productive, willing to perform, healthier and happier.

I will help you to understand the needs and motivators of your team members by making use of design thinking and integrating mindfulness, so that you can take them into account in your daily work. In this way, you not only promote genuine relationships and trust in your company, but also increase the performance and satisfaction of your team.

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Design thinking for a human-centered corporate culture

8 week design thinking training
4 day in person design thinking project
Sandra-Luisa | Sandra Luisa Unternehmensangebote home

Empathetic leadership for high-performing teams in a healthy work environment

3-6 months leadership training
30-90 minute keynote
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Mental health and well-being as a prerequisite for high-performing teams

Different team and individual sessions
for improving mental health and fostering performance

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